November 30, 2013


十一月又要结束了 时间过得还真快 真得好快好快 比花朵凋谢的时间还要短。
一个月的假期 看是漫长 过得也很悠闲 要结束的那一刻怎么觉得过得好快 好短暂。怎么办,十二月 好多事情要面对,新的一个月 然后过了十二月就到了新的一年 我怎么不舍得 2013 年啊。

话说,十一月。过得还蛮充实的 至少 我没有在浪费每一分每一秒 唉,假期嘛 总要休息放松。

i feel like typing in english so-  hehehhehehe. 

most of the time, i'm just surfing the internet, scrolling twitter, managing my baekhyun's instagram & yeah chatting with my best buddies. oh except all these typical teenagers activities, i went for tuitions too which is what i dislike the most but have to prepare a little bit for next year. biology, chemistry, add-maths, physics, these four new subjects are driving me crazy for a little bit as it is really new to me. i'm glad i went for tuition even though it's a little tough and ruined my holiday for a little bit but, at least i won't be so blur case on what am i going to learn next year. for bahasa malaysia, which is malaysia national language, even though i had been learning for fifteen years yet it's a little bit unfamiliar as the format of examination changed. there's many section we have to write, aish. my bahasa malaysia wasn't good so, it's hard for me too, i guess i need to put in more effort then. oh and what i am satisfied about was i wrote two essays and pass up for teacher, and i got 86% marks. i think i got less than ten mistake in both essays, i hope my bahasa malaysia did improved or maybe i'm just in my luck.

oh and i ended my last english tuition yesterday, and the bad news is, teacher gave me homeworks. meh, i will probably forget about it if i dont set a reminder in mind. after pmr, i wrote three essays. i remember teacher once told me a lot of them would improve become better when they're form 4 and i guess, i am one of them ? ah, i hope i am. i wrote three essays & i got good grade for three of them. in my memories for the whole 2012, i don't think i wrote any good essays. anyway, i am really happy that i got three good essays in one shot like continuously. oh, the title for it was 'what i like and dislike about myself' for this essay, i want to thank my best friend, tiny cloud for helping to correct some grammar errors! and another one was a directed writing about a better lifestyle, i wrote it based on my opinion and yes, i got a good feedback from my teacher. the last one was the essay i used the longest time to complete - 'a banana', my tuition teacher likes to give us some random title just to boost up our imagination and creativity. to be honest, i like this kind of title because it's fun to play around with ideas! i wrote this essay after doing research about a banana, i asked one of my friend and he asked me to write about minion, oh great idea but i never use it because i will get a slap x: i thought the essay i wrote will be a bad one because i really have no idea what am i writing but i got a good respond from teacher ! hehe, thats what i am happy about ;u; \

i went to korean language class too, you will know if you read my previous post. sunday is always my favourite day after the day i started my lesson. i guess i already learned for six lessons, four more lessons and level 1A will officially end! so that day my mum asked me if i want to continue my lesson after this, and i replied her 'YES' without any hesitation. hey mum, i want to study at seoul university, i must continue my lesson no matter how hard it is going to be. well, it's my dream so i won't give up easily.


十二月 再过几个小时就来临了 我很期待十二月因为我的小狼变成了圣诞老人 即将出圣诞节的特别专辑啊。你们可不可以打扮成胖胖的圣诞老人啊 我好想看。和他们一起过圣诞,好幸福。


december, yeah it's a month i have to face reality. pmr results will be coming out in three weeks. i'm not physically or mentally ready to face my result. well, yes i did studied hard for it. i stop watching exo variety show. i stop watching tv every night. i woke up at 4 a.m. to do my last revision before going to school. hopefully, there will be a payback for all these hard work. 佛祖保佑。阿爷保佑。阿太保佑。太公保佑。

wish me luck. 

November 23, 2013

those struggles.

昨晚的 mama award 2013' 真的好棒啊
就如 exo 所说的他们会给我们带来特别的表演。真的好喜欢那演出啊,可是,鹿晗你怎么可以牵那女生的手。怎么可以啊!exo 永远带给我们惊喜 永远不会后悔饭上你们啊。

watch their performance if you're interested ? :D 

嗯,就是因为他们从桌子跳下来的那一刻。嘟景秀受伤了,我可怜的 D.O 扭伤了脚还不顾一切的表演。结果演出过后就立刻去医院了,演出归演出我不准你受伤 很心疼你。我唯一能做的就是为你祷告希望你能赶快好起来 一定要好好疗伤 不准在不顾一切练习。伤好了才可以继续。嘟嘟啊,受伤了 不要在我们的面前努力挤出笑容 那笑容,只会让我更加担心你的伤势。看见你在香港机场的照片,你连走路都需要拐杖的帮助 怎不叫人心疼啊。你那大大的笑容让我更加心疼。回到了韩国,好好疗伤 别再受伤了 好吗? 我好想念你那呆呆的笑容。

get well soon kyung soo ;A; 

还有一件事 也是在昨晚发生的。
不想解释了,每解释一次 就想哭。
那位刚过世的闪迷 你要加油哦,在天上要好好特守护着闪闪那五只爱哭鬼。
谢谢你为闪闪的付出和支持,虽然我不认识你,但是毕竟你也是我们饭团的其中一位 我还是很伤心。只想祝福你,在天山好好地看着闪闪吧 我们以你为傲。

原文是华文,这是翻译过的 不过内容是一样的。

一切都会过去的 . 
let's all pray for this girl & kyungsoo :)


November 22, 2013

old days, old friends.

#np ; girls generation - top secret.


假期嘛。大家最爱的事情不就是聚会吗 昨天去了朋友家和六年级同班同学一起聚会 好久不见了 有点想念以前小学的生活 也想念了班上的每一个人。噢对,我想我六年级的同班同学只有一个现在和我同班 但是,别提她了。看到就像一拳送给她 ((笑 。也大概有一年没有见面了 每次聚会都很少人出席,想说 不就是出来见个面 又很难吗。对啦,有时候真的会很奇怪,没题聊嘛 太久没见面了,的确有点尴尬。唉 但如果每个人都那么想,不就永远不会再见面了吗。

大概也有七、八次的聚会吧。说实话吧,我也是去过两次而已。不过,至少我还有去,有些同学简直是人间蒸发 我相信大家都很希望有一点可以再次聚在一起像当年一样玩了吧。昨天聚会,你猜多少个人?有史以来 最少的一次,说好出席的有八个结果两个放了飞机。八减二等与六 im not teaching you mathematics hehe  六个人,两个男生 四个女生 通常都是男生多一点的啊,怎么这次让女生赢了 ?不过,从来没变过的一件事就是,我一踏入家里他们对我说的第一件事就是 ‘ 为什么你还是将瘦的 ,来吃 pizza ’ 我说啊,不是我不要长胖啊 各位 我也不想。但是至少,你们还记得我。虽然 我站在门口时 你们看了一下 才反应过来 有点失望 哭 没良心的家伙。 我有变化很大吗?

玩了永远不会过时的游戏 / 真心话 大冒险 / 对吧?这游戏从小学到中学都还在疯狂的玩。我们玩的方式是转水瓶 ' spin the bottle ' 水瓶的前方指向谁就必须选者真心话 或 大冒险。不错,我中了没有十次都有八次 每一次都选了真心话。结果当天大家都被逼将出六年级的时候喜欢过的人 是要搞到 我们都脸红吧 都过了三年,将出来 有什么关系 哈哈哈。大家都大方地讲了出来,没什么啦,就讲了就算。要爆料就爆吧,没什么好隐瞒的 哈哈哈。

嗯,昨天真的很开心 见到他们,虽然只是全班的十五八仙 但是至少是愉快的一天。
期待再次和你们见面 小学同班的那些幼稚朋友

November 13, 2013

baby's breath

baby's breath

In the next world, 
if you were to be reborn as a beautiful person, 
i would like to be reborn as an angel. 
Although i may be invisible, 
and you'll go loving someone else, 
i would like to be reborn as an angel, 
to protect you. 

In the next world, 
if you were to be reborn as a beautiful bird,
i would like to be reborn as a magnificent tree. 
Although i would have to wait for you in one place, 
i would like to be reborn as a tree,
where you may rest when your wings are weary.

In the next world, 
let's be reborn as brothers. Let's be reborn as friends. Let's be reborn as lovers. Let's be reborn as flowers. Let's be reborn together. ♡


i just read a fanfiction entitled ' baby's breath ' it is a very meaningful and i personally love it a lot! i should say it is my second favourite fanfiction, the most favourite is 10080.

this is a story about the brother - baekhyun & his step brother - chanyeol.


a short description of the story by the author.

My name is Byun Baekhyun.
My stepbrother's name is Park Chanyeol.
I'm the captain of my school's varsity soccer team and I have good grades, more or less.
My stepbrother has a "below average" IQ of 65. He's been home-schooled for the majority of his life. Yes, he's mentally retarded. Intellectually disabled. Cognitively handicapped. Whatever you call it. He doesn't do much with his life but water the plants at our family's florist shop and try to solve second grade math problems. He still counts on his fingers.
Life's been different, to say the least, ever since he moved in with us.
My name is Byun Baekhyun and I want my stupid stepbrother to disappear.


if, you're interested with the story, you can read it here [ baby's breathe ]

lots of love from c h a n b a e k !

November 08, 2013

no title.

#nowplaying - Don't Go 나비소녀 | e x o ; 


十一月了,假期?嗯,算是长假吧。长假也可以过得很忙很烦恼。整个假期里 我最期待的只是星期日 不是去逛街 不是去游玩 而是去上韩文班 只能说我真的很喜欢 虽然功课多得数不清但是毕竟是学自己喜欢的东西 所以 我很乐意下苦功做到最好。

除了星期一和星期六,其他天都很忙。昨天开始了我高中的补习,chemistry + biology. 看到那些笔记,头都大。真的很初中的很不一样 是超级不一样。Chemistry 老师让我们了解什么事 chemistry 和要学的东西 真的很不简单啊。高中并不是像大家所说的 " 度蜜月 "

Biology ? 第一课老师简单带过就叫我们第二课了。学的是 cell, 以前只学了 cell wall, nucleus, chloroplast, cytoplasm, vacuole, cell membrane 基本的结构。现在学的超过10种吧 老师说 画画很重要,一定要记得怎么画和标记。我已经闻到高中会很难的味道了,昨天 老师只教了大概 8 种,我的头脑已经开始发出信号告诉我他快满了。urgh, it is going to be hard.

下个星期就会开始 physics, add maths 又是陌生的科目。

最近 因为一些小事真的很心烦 我不知道可以和谁诉诉苦 所以 i'm going to type em' out. 

在这个假期里 要回去家乡 —— 槟城 一直是我婆婆的希望。也或许因为我,达成不了。我真的很内疚 我知道是我的错 因为我有很多课要上,接二连三的补习班 韩语班 导致婆婆不能回去。真的很对不起。其实我一个人在家真的没有关系 我可以和妈咪去上班 我不介意坐在店里。我真的只希望你可以回去 至少 我不需要被这件事一直烦恼。想说,回去最长也不就是两个星期。我已经长大了,我会照顾自己 你不需要担心我啊。你知道吗,昨晚,你告诉我你不要回去了。我可以感觉到 你的失望 你的难过。对不起。我知道你真的很想回去却放心不下我,我会给你打电话啊,没什么好担心的。听见你在睡觉时断断续续的抽泣,真的很难受。除了难受,我不知道我还可以用什么来形容。忍不住,哭了。我很失败真的很失败 连然你开心的能力都没有。是我的错,我不应该为了自己 以至你不能回去槟城。我曾想过,就跷课两个星期回去槟城 可是我真的不想,或许是我的自私吧。我会找一个时间 好好跟妈咪谈谈。


hopefully, everything will be alright. 

November 02, 2013

people change, memories don't.

#nowplaying ; { 촌스럽게 왜 이래 You Don't Know Love | K.Will }

Something i will never forget. 

从陌生人 变成朋友 再变成好朋友 然后不知为什么有回到了原点。
记忆中 还清晰记得你对我的好 真的很谢谢你带给我的欢乐 

Sweet talks, movie, chats, promises. 


还记得当初我不知道搞什么突然跑去问你东西 嗯,facebook. 
然后你有不知为何突然和我打赌 说你三个月不要碰电脑游戏






我们就是有天天聊不完的话题 应该说,我们什么都聊吧
学校,家人,朋友,生活 。


And then we fall in love (?) with each other. 
或许不该说 爱 吧?只是 我们对彼此都有特别的那一份感觉。


你突然问我:“ 喂,你有没有喜欢的人。“
是个很满意的答案 (*¯︶¯*)


然后你问我好不好吃 我就告诉你我不舍得吃 把它们都收在一个罐子里,结果你就相信了


还真的有点后悔当时没有去 算啦,妈也不会让我去的
你约我看 Titanic 
我叫你去跟你妈妈看 哈哈哈
有时候 你就是那么讨人欢心。

然后呆呆的看着对方 不知该说些什么
一看到 有人来了 你就跑去叫他走开 哈哈哈 


你说你要我们一起复习历史 应该说,你要教我吧 xD
结果很不顺利的 很多人已经来了

这段日子 至少维持了四个月吧。
虽然很短暂 但是 很值得纪念
甚至看到你就想哭 强忍泪水 不让泪水滴下来
我很谢谢上天让我们相遇 虽然此时此刻 我们还是最熟悉的陌生人。

I suddenly have a feeling to recall back all these memories, i was scrolling the conversation.
And it end after a few load.
I don't know since when I deleted our conversation.
I have no idea.
Sigh, a little bit of regret & sad. i dont even know why. 

Memories is memories, lets all past and move on then.