November 13, 2013

baby's breath

baby's breath

In the next world, 
if you were to be reborn as a beautiful person, 
i would like to be reborn as an angel. 
Although i may be invisible, 
and you'll go loving someone else, 
i would like to be reborn as an angel, 
to protect you. 

In the next world, 
if you were to be reborn as a beautiful bird,
i would like to be reborn as a magnificent tree. 
Although i would have to wait for you in one place, 
i would like to be reborn as a tree,
where you may rest when your wings are weary.

In the next world, 
let's be reborn as brothers. Let's be reborn as friends. Let's be reborn as lovers. Let's be reborn as flowers. Let's be reborn together. ♡


i just read a fanfiction entitled ' baby's breath ' it is a very meaningful and i personally love it a lot! i should say it is my second favourite fanfiction, the most favourite is 10080.

this is a story about the brother - baekhyun & his step brother - chanyeol.


a short description of the story by the author.

My name is Byun Baekhyun.
My stepbrother's name is Park Chanyeol.
I'm the captain of my school's varsity soccer team and I have good grades, more or less.
My stepbrother has a "below average" IQ of 65. He's been home-schooled for the majority of his life. Yes, he's mentally retarded. Intellectually disabled. Cognitively handicapped. Whatever you call it. He doesn't do much with his life but water the plants at our family's florist shop and try to solve second grade math problems. He still counts on his fingers.
Life's been different, to say the least, ever since he moved in with us.
My name is Byun Baekhyun and I want my stupid stepbrother to disappear.


if, you're interested with the story, you can read it here [ baby's breathe ]

lots of love from c h a n b a e k !

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