November 30, 2013


十一月又要结束了 时间过得还真快 真得好快好快 比花朵凋谢的时间还要短。
一个月的假期 看是漫长 过得也很悠闲 要结束的那一刻怎么觉得过得好快 好短暂。怎么办,十二月 好多事情要面对,新的一个月 然后过了十二月就到了新的一年 我怎么不舍得 2013 年啊。

话说,十一月。过得还蛮充实的 至少 我没有在浪费每一分每一秒 唉,假期嘛 总要休息放松。

i feel like typing in english so-  hehehhehehe. 

most of the time, i'm just surfing the internet, scrolling twitter, managing my baekhyun's instagram & yeah chatting with my best buddies. oh except all these typical teenagers activities, i went for tuitions too which is what i dislike the most but have to prepare a little bit for next year. biology, chemistry, add-maths, physics, these four new subjects are driving me crazy for a little bit as it is really new to me. i'm glad i went for tuition even though it's a little tough and ruined my holiday for a little bit but, at least i won't be so blur case on what am i going to learn next year. for bahasa malaysia, which is malaysia national language, even though i had been learning for fifteen years yet it's a little bit unfamiliar as the format of examination changed. there's many section we have to write, aish. my bahasa malaysia wasn't good so, it's hard for me too, i guess i need to put in more effort then. oh and what i am satisfied about was i wrote two essays and pass up for teacher, and i got 86% marks. i think i got less than ten mistake in both essays, i hope my bahasa malaysia did improved or maybe i'm just in my luck.

oh and i ended my last english tuition yesterday, and the bad news is, teacher gave me homeworks. meh, i will probably forget about it if i dont set a reminder in mind. after pmr, i wrote three essays. i remember teacher once told me a lot of them would improve become better when they're form 4 and i guess, i am one of them ? ah, i hope i am. i wrote three essays & i got good grade for three of them. in my memories for the whole 2012, i don't think i wrote any good essays. anyway, i am really happy that i got three good essays in one shot like continuously. oh, the title for it was 'what i like and dislike about myself' for this essay, i want to thank my best friend, tiny cloud for helping to correct some grammar errors! and another one was a directed writing about a better lifestyle, i wrote it based on my opinion and yes, i got a good feedback from my teacher. the last one was the essay i used the longest time to complete - 'a banana', my tuition teacher likes to give us some random title just to boost up our imagination and creativity. to be honest, i like this kind of title because it's fun to play around with ideas! i wrote this essay after doing research about a banana, i asked one of my friend and he asked me to write about minion, oh great idea but i never use it because i will get a slap x: i thought the essay i wrote will be a bad one because i really have no idea what am i writing but i got a good respond from teacher ! hehe, thats what i am happy about ;u; \

i went to korean language class too, you will know if you read my previous post. sunday is always my favourite day after the day i started my lesson. i guess i already learned for six lessons, four more lessons and level 1A will officially end! so that day my mum asked me if i want to continue my lesson after this, and i replied her 'YES' without any hesitation. hey mum, i want to study at seoul university, i must continue my lesson no matter how hard it is going to be. well, it's my dream so i won't give up easily.


十二月 再过几个小时就来临了 我很期待十二月因为我的小狼变成了圣诞老人 即将出圣诞节的特别专辑啊。你们可不可以打扮成胖胖的圣诞老人啊 我好想看。和他们一起过圣诞,好幸福。


december, yeah it's a month i have to face reality. pmr results will be coming out in three weeks. i'm not physically or mentally ready to face my result. well, yes i did studied hard for it. i stop watching exo variety show. i stop watching tv every night. i woke up at 4 a.m. to do my last revision before going to school. hopefully, there will be a payback for all these hard work. 佛祖保佑。阿爷保佑。阿太保佑。太公保佑。

wish me luck. 

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