December 10, 2013


眼泪 是透明的 像露珠般的大小。味道像海洋,咸咸的。

一个呱呱坠地的宝宝都会以自己的哭声迎接这新的世界。肚子饿了 就大哭好让妈妈喂他奶。看到一个合自己心意的玩具 就大吵大哭要爸爸买给他。跌倒疼了 放声大哭让爸妈来帮他擦药。当你还是个孩子的时候,哭泣或许可以满足你一切。

as time goes by, you will realize that "tears doesn't mean sadness"


我呢 是个爱哭鬼。
再渺小的事情都可以让我哭得上气不接下气的 看着电视剧里的演员哭了,自己往往也会忍不住流下眼泪。看着他们不幸的遭遇也会鼻尖酸酸的。读着一本书 看着女主角和男主角被逼分手 也会替他们感到心疼。就算不是发生在自己身上的事,也可以留下眼泪。听见别人哭泣抽泣的声音 明明很想过去安慰他们,结果自己也跟着哭了。我埋怨自己 为什么那么爱哭。

i still remember i cried on the first day of 2012 , right after 00:00 when i'm about to go to bed after countdown . the reason i cried is because ( you shouldn't laugh at me , i'm really childish sometimes ) yes , it's because my sister doesn't allow me to sleep with my dog :----) i hope you're not laughing right now because i'm just telling you my story. i really want to sleep with my dog but then my sister doesn't let me to, then i was so mad so so so mad , i cried in my blanket. why am i so childish last time.

oh, and then i liked someone before, i guess i cried because of him more than ten times. oh gawd , why am i so stupid. he is the one i really liked with my heart , i guess . and yes, he admitted is kinda like me too, but we're not in a relationship because we both doesn't take the first step so our relationship is in between friend and couple. but nah, i don't like him any more my life is perfect enough with my twelve boys . i remember i cried secretly because he talks to others girl , this is dumb huh i don't even know why do i care so much . and there's once he took a photo with a girl because the girl asked to then i saw it on facebook & i got so mad and then i just cried again. i cried in the shower, in my bed for days. i even feel like crying whenever i saw him in school. oh well, it's a process of life.

and there was once i got really bad result for my kemahiran hidup, no idea what's that called in english. it's a subject about all those tools & accounting. i must admit i'm not so good in this subject because its boring subject to me. so, i break down when i received my paper because i got a bad result which is a "C". Yes, i cried on the spot & my friends were shock . they tried their best to cheer me but you know when someone tell you ' its okay, its over, don't cry ' you will cry even harder. there were also another time i cried due to my results, the most hated subject - history. i checked my result online through a website and yeah i got a "C" too. you got to believe me, i will get a mental break down if i saw my result and then it consists a "C" inside.

oh, and then there were many many times i cried because of exo. of course, most of them are tears of happiness. the first time i cried is when exom received their first award. i cannot resist watching them cry because, they cried so badly so then my tears decided to cry with them. if i watch back the video, i will still be crying too trust me. then the second time was when sasaengs went to baekhyun's brother wedding. sasaengs, please, get a life don't mess up with other's life . watching the one i loved the most getting hurt and all i can do is only praying for his safety really hurts me a lot. how much i hope fly there to protect him.


哭泣 绝对不是一件丢脸的事 。
流泪让自己觉得舒服一些 何乐而不为呢?


i added a song to my blog so you can listen to one of my favorite song when you're reading my blog. it's a classical orchestra of  the song - for original { Korean Ver. } or { Chinese Ver. }

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