September 27, 2014


it's gonna be an english post since it had been a while i used english to write a blog post. & somehow typing in english is faster ¿

hello there my lovely little cloud ♡
to be honest do you feel disappointed when you visit my blog because i didn't update about your sweet sixteen? maybe you didn't la okay im just being self feeling good yey. but it's alright, even if you really feel so, no worries because here's a post dedicated just-for-you.

I guess your mummy already told you about our birthday plan for you right ? Yes, we did planned on that and that's like our very first plan. Our first time discussing about it was during after school activities, when you're busy helping teachers in the health room. Three of us, /i bet you know who right/ sat down at foyer A and started to talk about your birthday. We wanted to have a special one but it's somehow really hard. We ended up getting an idea of throwing you a surprise in your home, of course we won't do the surprise in school which is really lame. Let me tell you everything about it and I hope you don't laugh at our silliness. Here's the story behind it, your birthday is on thursday, so we actually planned like the surprise party will have four of us. Since we have chinese on thursday, panda and jw would go to your house after school to set up the "surprise" and both of us will attend chinese as usual. We planned to decorate your room with helium balloons and hangs some polaroids on the end of the string. We even think so hard on where should we get helium. I know it's kinda like a common birthday surprise but don't you think it's really sweet if it happened on you. We planned to print countless of polaroids and decorate it in your room, on your wall, on your bed and even behind the door but you might hate us while trying to get those polaroids down. It didn't success at last due to many reasons, but luckily we didn't go with the plan because we don't have chinese on your birthday as it is going to be ultimate plan fail. Then we planned to give you either a early or late birthday surprise but it's really hard to cope with the time where all of us are free, your mummy suggested us to have a birthday dinner with you in a restaurant but yeah, it's not successful at last. There is uncountable obstacles while planning this surprise and it seems like no way it's going to work perfectly. I ended up suggest that let's just make a special gift instead of a surprise since it's really hard to arrange a birthday surprise even though surprise might be more touching and precious. Now I truly understand that it's really hard to plan a surprise, really admire those people who are able to arrange a perfect surprise for their dearest, it needs a lot of effort and love hehe.

Giving up on surprise party, we moved on to the birthday present. Our aim is to make a creative and precious gift and I guess it ended up turned out well ? We still go with the polaroids idea, at first we thought of printing a lot of polaroids and that is it. It's lame, obviously. After thinking about it for many days, weeks, I suddenly thought of dream catcher. I have no idea why, but I guess you would like things that is meaningful and I hope I am not wrong. The dream catcher we bought is not pure white but with brown beads, but when it came it looks like what you have now. It was actually ugly to me at the first sight but after looking at it for days I find it kind of pretty in a different way too. Sometimes when we see things in another way, everything have a beautiful side, isn't ? Then we make a conclusion on giving you that box full of treasures as your birthday present because it's really cute to have a box that is filled with various type of presents. We was really excited for your birthday and panda and i are always counting down and guessing what your reaction will be like when you receive the present. Sometimes when we're bored, we will just popped a line like "omg xx more days to cloud's birthday ler, so nervous." /and of course it's in chinese/ Oh, and about the dream catcher again. The seller was really slow and we're like what if it won't reach before her birthday and worry of all kind of silly question. Luckily, it reached a few weeks before your birthday and the process of posting to panda's house was really epic. It's like the seller wrote her house number wrongly, like she replaced the last number to 'A' and the confused postman called panda to ask for her address. Our cute panda basically got scared and ignored the post man, and because she didn't really talked to the post man on phone, the postman send her a text message telling her that he has a parcel to send but our little panda was still scared & she waited until her father came back only she called back the postman. This is the epic process on getting the dream catcher. Let's move on to the polaroid, at first we was planning to print more of it so we picked lomo card instead of polaroid but when I asked the seller how long would it take to receive the lomo, she told me it will take 20 working days and I straight goes "we're dead" because it's like around eight more days to your birthday. Searching on and on, we finally decide to print polaroids because it would take a shorter period. I actually ordered on Friday, payment made on Saturday night, and she sent it for me on Tuesday, receiving it on Wednesday which was one day before your birthday. You know I was really afraid that they will delay or something because I really wanted to give you on your birthday, & yes, we're lucky enough to receive those polaroids last minute. It was going to rain that afternoon, maybe evening because it's around 5 when I received it. The wind was strong and the sky is getting darker and darker, I was like worrying will the postman delay due to the rain and when I was thinking, I heard the honk sound. My heart was like literally throwing confetti and rushed down to get the parcel. The worst thing right now is, the postman actually remember me because it's like I bought quite a lot of stuffs lately. The story goes like this, when I went out to get the parcel, the postman asked my name with a smile on his face, but I just ignored because I was too high at that moment. Then, at the very next day, the postman came again and it was my daddy's parcel. My mummy went out to collect and the postman asked my mum why didn't I receive the parcel, he even mentioned my name omg. You know how epic it is, my mum actually told me about it and it's so embarrassing. I guess this is all about your present hehe. I really hope you liked it, but I guess you did liked it. ♡

p/s : i am actually jealous of your dream catcher, you know its one of my favorite item.

While I was packing the present, I have an idea on creating a video of it like how you did to my birthday present. & I guess the outcome was pretty cool, I personally liked it a lot, I even lost count on how many times had I replayed it. Ya know when I was taking those photos, it was actually raining cat and dogs and this cause the lightning to be bad D: I ended up edited the light then followed by filtering the photos, then creating the video. When I was thinking what song should I use as background music, I totally have no idea! I was browsing my own playlist, and I found no song that suit you or the video itself. While I was staring at my playlist, the song "maybe" by yiruma popped out in my mind and I decided to use the song as background music and who knows, it suits perfectly! It's my first time using flipagram to create a video, so be proud because it's dedicated for you :b

You must be wondering why didn't I reply to your long thank note on Facebook and Instagram right? /maybe you're not/ Well, I actually wanted to reply but I guess it's better to reply you here as it's going to be more personal. I am afraid that some people out there might be jealous of our friendship if I reply publicly. HAHA. There are three very special days in every year, and the dates are 0308, 0209 & 2509. The day of birth of the three sisters who doesn't have blood relationship, but treat each other better than a pair of real sisters. We treat each other truly from the deepest of our heart, we don't hate each other secretly at the dark side and act like we're best of friend at the bright side, we accept the flaws in each of us and tolerate with it. None of us are perfect, there must be flaws in us, but we choose to tolerate and help each other.

Here's a little note from me for you // ♡
I want you to know that, I love you more than you can imagine. I may not show it out always but deep in my heart, I care. Sometimes when I saw you in pain, my heart feel pain too. I have no idea why, but I really hate it when I see you feeling sad but I could not help you with it. I love to see your smile, the one truly from your heart. Just like how you laugh while opening the presume we gave you, you know, you look like an angel when you laugh and smile. The prettiest face of yours is when you put a smile on it, of course, a real one not a fake one. We all have feelings, so we might cry over small things again and again. We might cry every night thinking a person we missed a lot. Tears might fall when we feel touched over a small action. Tears might burst out when we're superb angry over something or someone. Tears might fall out uncontrollably when we're stressed out. But remember, when you feel like crying, my shoulder will be here for you. My shoulder might look small and weak but hey, it's strong enough to support your head and let you lean on it. Don't keep things by yourself, it might hurt you. Don't let things hurt you, it doesn't worth it. Treat yourself better, begin your daily life with a smile from your heart, and tell yourself, "a day with warm sunshine will be better than a day with thunderstorm".

Be happy, & it will be your birthday every day.
; xoxo, for eternity, my favorite sister. 

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