January 07, 2015


"keep in touch after graduation!"
"sure!! we will always remain as close friends don't worry."

how many of us say all these typical words when it comes to graduation. i bet everyone will tell this to their friends but how many of them kept the promise? how many of us still contact with our friends that we met in kindergarten, primary school or secondary school. maybe there are some we still talk to once in a blue moon but i think we lost contact with at least 60% of them isn't ? sometimes it isn't we don't want to talk to them any more but it's like we have nothing to talk with them. after moving on to a new place, we will eventually meet a lot of new friends and start to forget our old buddies. if we didn't talk for a long time already it will be really awkward to start a conversation no matter how close you were before. so i should say i am really thankful to have friends like you all because although we don't talk much, when it comes to gathering, we're all still like how we used to be. 

our friendship had lasted for five years and some of them had lasted for six years. we were once classmates who meets everyday except weekends and holidays, but now we're friends who meet only once in a year, or twice. we don't meet often but the friendship between all of us are still here. we might have forgotten some of them who did not leave a deep impression but if they show up, we will still get along very well. back in those days, we usually gathered in our own group of friends not everyone in the class are close with us, but as time passed, it feels like all of us, are one. close or not, we're still classmates and friends. there might be a lot of fight and misunderstanding last time but all of them faded and we are either forgiven or we already put down all the hates. i should say it's really great to gather together sometimes because we don't have the opportunity to meet always so we do appreciate the time when we get to see each other. unlike others, we all prefer gathering in a friend's house because we can only really talk when we're in someone's house. when we hang out in the mall, we will usually ended up separating into small groups. sitting in a circle, talking and making fun are really the best thing we should all do during a gathering. that's what we call a gathering right? catching up with each other. 

that day 04 January 2015, 
was one of the most unforgettable gathering i had in my life. 
& it's the best event happened in 2015 so far.

it was the most successful gathering we had, 20+ of us attended. some of them came early in the morning, some of them came in the evening and some of them came at night but it doesn't matter because we made an effort to attend. i really didn't expect so many of them would come because every gathering we had before will ended up having 10+ people only which is kind of a failed gathering. we had a lot of chatting, laughter was heard all the time, guess it's one of the happiest day i will have in 2015. we talked about those days when we're in primary school, we shared our experience in secondary school and we even discussed our future plans. we had barbecue together, and walked to a park nearby. we played swings and sat on the see-saw (in an unusual way) hahahaha. we gathered at the playground and had a really great talk. 

it feels like we travelled back to those days when we're just twelve years old. i really appreciate this group of friends because there's something special between us. those rumours we used to joke of remains as a joke between us and we don't fight back like how we used to any more. we all enjoy making fun of the joke even though we're a part of the joke. last time, when we're young we will always get angry but now, we just laugh at it. i guess we all had became mature? there's a game that will never get old, we call it "truth or dare". we play this game in almost every gathering but it isn't that boring too. but this time, it's a little bit different, we cannot choose truth and everyone who were pointed by the bottle have to do a dare. i really do not have lucks in this game so basically i got pointed once before my mum arrived to pick to me up. luckily the dare wasn't such a big deal so i did it! after all, all these crazy things we did will only remains in our own mind as a precious memories. when we grew older, we will eventually find these memories have a really special meaning. 

let's have more gathering in the future, 
let's be together until our hair turn white,

i wish,
even after many years,
we will still remain as friends.