January 01, 2016

two zero one six.



1. be a better person.
2. spend time wisely.
3. focus on studies.
4. save at least rm50 a month.
5. join voluntary activity.
6. spend at least 2 hours on korean every weekend.
7. care about others, & be kind.
8. make new friends.
9. meet up with secondary school's friends at least once.
10. driving.

to be continue ... 

" live for yourself, not anyone else. 
  the future is yours, not the others. "

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dream, comes true.

好像是一個從 15 歲開始的夢想 吧,而自從有了這個夢就常常把它掛在嘴邊,掛在心裡。為了讓夢想變成現實,做了很多付出。也許在別人眼中那些付出不值多少可是就是這些一點一滴的付出讓我走到了目的地。 而,我付出的努力,也帶給了我幸運。 「 越努力,越幸 运。」...