December 31, 2016

366/366 days.

It feels surprisingly strange for not going on blogger and blog on the last day of 2016. It has somehow become my habit my blog on every 31/12. To summarize up 2016, to plan for a better 2017, to leave some motivation to my readers (do I even have one tbh). Well, this blog started up all because of T and I decided to create a blog since it is kind of like one of our bucket list. The owner behind this blog had always been a secret, and no, I'm not revealing myself. I have some friends who know that I own this blog, but also they're the one that I trust the most and willing to share the deepest secret of mine with. I feel like the topic is being carried away but also, this is just a post without any specific topic. I'm just plainly following the flow, and type out everything that came to my mind.

I would say, 2016 had been great. I made uncountable new friends, but also some that I judge too much because they're kinda strange to me. However, I loved and appreciated most of them, even until now, I'm still very glad that I came across to them. & I had developed a habit of writing diary and also writing my own notes. It could be really really enjoyable but tiring at the same time. I did not regret for spending quite a lot of time on my planner / diary since flipping through and reading it at the end of the year could be undoubtedly meaningful. Of course, I also missed a lot of those memories that I wanted to record but did not have the time to do so. I'll try my best to spend at least 15 minutes on diary in 2017. Also in 2016, I took so many tests at one point, I feel like I kept signing up for test just for the sake of it. A-level internal test, mock test and AS examinations, these are the unavoidable exams, also AS examinations results are the only results that I have not receive ╭(╯^╰)╮. I don't know what to feel, but it is coming out in about 10 days at 2:01pm. As for my Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK), I am really glad that I decided to sit for it because it was (seriously) easy. I managed to score 197 out of 200, which leads me to level 2. Next goal is to sit for TOPIK II and test for the higher level. However, TOPIK I and II have a really huge gap in between? I'm currently attending TOPIK II class, oh my god, sometimes I cannot even understand what the hell is the whole passage about. The amount of new vocabulary and grammar are really unimaginable. Guess continue to work on it is the only solution to improve. I had also sat for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) recently, successfully obtained an overall band of 7.5. It might not be very good to some of you but I am really happy about it knowing that my english is ugh, somehow bad. My grammar can be horrible, I will never understand whatever past perfect tense or whatever whatever. Even though for speaking section, I only obtained 6.5 which was quite dissapointing to me but also, I would like to thank the examiner for rating me as 6.5, since I felt like I did quite badly. Band 8 for reading and speaking section is more than enough, I only expected a 7 since I always get many questions wrong ////// & Band 7 for writing was somehow unexpected, thanks for all the great english teacher who had taught me in the past.

Also, I did a "2017 Resolution" in my 2017 MUJI Planner, i really love MUJI since their design are simple, clean and soft? Basically in 3 languages because why not? I should be like a everyday-to-do-list but it turns out to be like quotes kinda thing and also goals kinda thing. But oh well, it is my own resolution so I can do whaetver I want, right?

" STUDY for FIVE hours or more everyday "
" do NOT procrastinate "
" be & stay MOTIVATED "


This morning I had the strong desire to write a short notes or throwback or whatever you call it as the last passage in my 2016 planner, then I'll move on to 2017 planner tomorrow. I written it in Korean, probably full of grammar error because I got too lazy to check the grammar that I'm not really sure (oooops). If you happen to know Korean or if you happen to be a Korean, please don't judge the awful grammar in this passage. 

Oh well, really looking forward for 2017, it is not like I am looking forward to semester 3 a.k.a horrible A2 life. I am looking forward to 2nd of January finally get to meet up with gui mi men (best friend in eng??) and also friends! A great way to start 2017, and also 2017, promise myself to be better not only academically but also emotionally. 


Success is the sum of small efforts, 
repeated day in day out.

December 20, 2016

recalling 2016.



去了自己最喜欢的国家,看了喜欢了很久的偶像的演唱会,看了一堆让我哭惨的韩剧, 也慢慢的养成了写笔记写日记的习惯。也因为开心而笑,还有因为感动而破涕为笑。




college 生活?
当然我也很幸运的遇到了一群很合拍的朋友。我们这一班,真的很不错。虽然偶尔会有些争执可是大致上也算很不错了。老师们也真的都很好,虽然化学老师的课真的很闷可是他给的资料啊笔记啊都真的很不错。化学老师,对不起了 我常常在你的班里发呆,眼睛是盯着前方的屏幕可是我的心早已到处乱走了。我们最喜欢的就是听到你说 “ 5 minutes break ”,然后全班就好像很有默契一样一起出去买包吃。菜包,叉烧包,生肉包,莲蓉包还是烧卖都是班上常见的食物,如果自己没有买吃的就真的会突然很饿很饿。啊对了,我们有时候买食物真的不是为了填饱肚子而是为了取暖。有一座楼我们又称为“dungeon”,至于为什么呢 是因为每次进去都会有一种与世隔绝的感觉而且特 别 冷。有时候真的连穿了冷衣也毫无用处,还是冷得颤抖。除了学习,我们也有很认真的玩过闹过。老师们的生日我们基本上都会搞个生日会之类的,同学生日也会有,如果他的朋友愿意帮他办(咳)。今年吃过的蛋糕真的数也数不完了,真的好多好多。生日歌唱了多少次真的不记得了,算一算我大概也在这些事情上至少花了一百块左右吧,怎么突然觉得好悲伤。跟着同学去了两次的卡拉OK,真的活了十八年第一次去,感觉我好跟不上潮流 哈哈哈 现在的孩子年纪小小就跟朋友一起去唱k什么的了。虽然他们都在稀里哗啦地唱一堆我有点熟悉却跟不上节奏的歌,可是看着他们玩到很疯还真的蛮可笑的。

翻开日记看了看,好吧。花痴病是永远改不掉的。还是有着那个相处相处下来就不自不觉喜欢上的感觉?可是每一段这样的情感大概也只有我个人知道,对方永远都会被蒙在鼓里。其实有着这样的感觉可以很开心,感觉一直都充满着动力。虽然有时候会不自觉地受伤,可是它也是一份可以让我期待去学校的感觉?虽然可以说是“放下了”可是偶尔碰见真的会很开心然后会开始觉得自己怎么那时候可以喜欢你喜欢得那么疯狂。然后我记得大概是sem2的时候吧,我们一堆女生就开始犯花痴一致认为我们班上真的没有帅哥,所以在等着进课室的时候就会一直从门口的那个一窗口偷看里面的学生。嗯,其他班都有长得不错好看帅的。为什么我们班就是没有 我哭。也好像是那时候吧,第一眼看到你就觉得天啊,虽然你不是说特别好看,可是就很有感觉 (什么鬼)。好像就是那时候开始我很期待星期一的课,为的只是站在课室外看你认真上课的那几分钟。好几次我们都经过对方,好喜欢你的高度也好喜欢你穿衣的风格,好好看啊。可是一直以来都真的没有机会查出你叫什么名字,然后就一次偶然的机会朋友无意中告诉我了你的朋友的名字 然后我就开始疯狂人肉搜索,终于在 fb 找到了你。还记得除了在课上外好像一个神经病那样不时偷瞄你一眼,还有一次是在 atrium 那里看到你和一群朋友,结果我的视线就真的一直往你那里看。每次看到你都好像中了彩票一样开心,然后又可以开始傻笑一整天。大概就这月头吧?把我纠结了很久的事情做了,就是那时候头脑大概犯傻了,手指也不受控制地打开了你的 fb,按了 add friend 现在想起来真的觉得自己当时完全不在状况内。可是可是可是,我一点都不后悔。因为,你 accept 了。所以,那些有我的部落格知道我是谁的人,你们就慢慢去找去他是谁吧。因为我根本没加几个人,很容易找到的啦。

今年是连续三年去了韩国,第四次去到韩国,第三次踏上首尔的土地。更有意义的是,这些旅程中,有一半都是靠自己的努力换来的。所以真的格外珍惜,也要谢谢父母都成全我这一成不变的喜好。但是这次最特别的地方就是跟好朋友一起去了。很可惜的就是我当时没有时间把最初的感受都记录下来,这大概是最后悔的地方吧?可是没关系,一切一切都还在脑海深处里。我们玩得很疯,很享受。也很谢谢你给了我这个实力不足的导游11/10!真的很庆幸你有玩得很开心,下次我们一定要五个姑婆一起去旅行顺便找个男朋友 脱离姑婆诅咒。我们吃的很开心,玩得很尽兴,笑得停不下来。这一点一滴真的成了我今年最美好的回忆。传说中的狗屎运也真的降临在我们身上了,竟然拿到了去音乐银行的入门票啊,而且是免费的。

Myeongdong // 街边小食 当然是 必吃!
SUM Market @ Lotte Young Plaza // 就眼睛看看就好 视觉享受果然棒棒哒!
SUM Market @ Lotte Young Plaza // 是蜜糖都有爱豆牌的节奏
허니붕어빵 @Myeongdong // 一块蜂巢?加上冰淇淋还有热热的鲫鱼饼。
나미섬 // 第一次去南怡岛 真的真的很漂亮。虽然我个人真的好像挑战
zip wire类似flying fox的直接飞到南怡岛,可是真的好贵然后没有人愿意
陪我 哈哈哈。下次一定要挑战!

남산타워 // 直到现在都还没有机会和另一半一起挂上一个爱情锁。

청계천 // 走在这里真的很舒服而且感觉很放松。

K-Star Road // 真的很感谢妈咪和朋友陪我走了好远的路来到了
비바폴로 // 当然不会错过啊!第二次来了,虽然这次没有缘分遇见灿烈妈妈
可是店员都好高好看 所以我的胃和眼睛都被满足了 (笑)

music bank recording // 完全是出乎预料,
也,呵呵呵 看到了exo啊!
카몽 // 虽然是真的因为知道是 kai 姐姐经营而来的,可是也真的很好吃!
호떡 // 看到了很多人为了吃这个而排队所以我们也去凑凑热闹排队买了。

KyoChon // 马来西亚也有,你干嘛来韩国吃啊?



今年可以算是为了上大学的事情烦死了吧。年头的时候有说也许等整个a level读完了才去申请,可是那样的话我会浪费9个月左右的时间。我真的不想要浪费这9个月无所事事,我也不想停学9个月,这样真的会打断我那种读书的节奏和情绪。也慢慢的有了头绪,然后也找到了理想的大学。虽然和一开始想象的差了点,可是感觉也挺不错。我也很期待很期待。写着personal statement真的真的很伤脑筋,自己觉得很不错了老师却觉得有很多进步的空间还让我回去college见他,可是我真的觉得超级无敌尴尬啊。所以我就联系了从小到大的补习老师让她帮忙我改一改。其实一开始想到要联系差不多没有联系一年的老师真的很尴尬,可是老师真的还是很热情。当老师得知我想要去那里升学的时候,不但没有质疑还是觉得我很奇怪反而鼓励了我。谢谢你,我真的瞬间觉得很感动甚至有点催泪。那天也去了升学教育展也刚好我想申请的大学有在那里,就去问了问。当那位负责人得知我知道这件大学,也在申请中的时候他真的瞬间变得超积极的。我们在跟另一位马来西亚负责人说的时候他还特地跑过了告诉我不要走先,待会有事要告诉我。谢谢你们的热情指导,真的学到了很多。也更进一步让我想去那里读大学。现在只期望接下来30号可以顺利拿到自己需要的成绩,然后10号可以看到努力付出的结果。这样就够了,然后接下来就要为A2打拼。


认识了很多新的朋友,也从以前没遇过的经验里学到了很多。今年可以算是过得很平安也很平稳,虽然也有着伤心难过的事情可是我觉得因快乐感动而笑的时候更多。虽然和最亲的朋友都去了不一样的地方继续升学,可是我们之间不变的感情是真的。我们或许没有每天都联络,可是每一次见面都不会觉得尴尬什么的。这点,我真的很庆幸。相信这段友谊可以维持到最后对吧,只要我们都不放弃。也许明年我们会变得更忙,可是我们还是要在生日啊还是就在一个平凡的日子约出来见面 谈谈心也好。真心祝福你们都可以实现自己心中的那个梦想,也许支持你的人不多 可是自己心里一定要有着坚定的信念。