December 31, 2016

366/366 days.

It feels surprisingly strange for not going on blogger and blog on the last day of 2016. It has somehow become my habit my blog on every 31/12. To summarize up 2016, to plan for a better 2017, to leave some motivation to my readers (do I even have one tbh). Well, this blog started up all because of T and I decided to create a blog since it is kind of like one of our bucket list. The owner behind this blog had always been a secret, and no, I'm not revealing myself. I have some friends who know that I own this blog, but also they're the one that I trust the most and willing to share the deepest secret of mine with. I feel like the topic is being carried away but also, this is just a post without any specific topic. I'm just plainly following the flow, and type out everything that came to my mind.

I would say, 2016 had been great. I made uncountable new friends, but also some that I judge too much because they're kinda strange to me. However, I loved and appreciated most of them, even until now, I'm still very glad that I came across to them. & I had developed a habit of writing diary and also writing my own notes. It could be really really enjoyable but tiring at the same time. I did not regret for spending quite a lot of time on my planner / diary since flipping through and reading it at the end of the year could be undoubtedly meaningful. Of course, I also missed a lot of those memories that I wanted to record but did not have the time to do so. I'll try my best to spend at least 15 minutes on diary in 2017. Also in 2016, I took so many tests at one point, I feel like I kept signing up for test just for the sake of it. A-level internal test, mock test and AS examinations, these are the unavoidable exams, also AS examinations results are the only results that I have not receive ╭(╯^╰)╮. I don't know what to feel, but it is coming out in about 10 days at 2:01pm. As for my Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK), I am really glad that I decided to sit for it because it was (seriously) easy. I managed to score 197 out of 200, which leads me to level 2. Next goal is to sit for TOPIK II and test for the higher level. However, TOPIK I and II have a really huge gap in between? I'm currently attending TOPIK II class, oh my god, sometimes I cannot even understand what the hell is the whole passage about. The amount of new vocabulary and grammar are really unimaginable. Guess continue to work on it is the only solution to improve. I had also sat for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) recently, successfully obtained an overall band of 7.5. It might not be very good to some of you but I am really happy about it knowing that my english is ugh, somehow bad. My grammar can be horrible, I will never understand whatever past perfect tense or whatever whatever. Even though for speaking section, I only obtained 6.5 which was quite dissapointing to me but also, I would like to thank the examiner for rating me as 6.5, since I felt like I did quite badly. Band 8 for reading and speaking section is more than enough, I only expected a 7 since I always get many questions wrong ////// & Band 7 for writing was somehow unexpected, thanks for all the great english teacher who had taught me in the past.

Also, I did a "2017 Resolution" in my 2017 MUJI Planner, i really love MUJI since their design are simple, clean and soft? Basically in 3 languages because why not? I should be like a everyday-to-do-list but it turns out to be like quotes kinda thing and also goals kinda thing. But oh well, it is my own resolution so I can do whaetver I want, right?

" STUDY for FIVE hours or more everyday "
" do NOT procrastinate "
" be & stay MOTIVATED "


This morning I had the strong desire to write a short notes or throwback or whatever you call it as the last passage in my 2016 planner, then I'll move on to 2017 planner tomorrow. I written it in Korean, probably full of grammar error because I got too lazy to check the grammar that I'm not really sure (oooops). If you happen to know Korean or if you happen to be a Korean, please don't judge the awful grammar in this passage. 

Oh well, really looking forward for 2017, it is not like I am looking forward to semester 3 a.k.a horrible A2 life. I am looking forward to 2nd of January finally get to meet up with gui mi men (best friend in eng??) and also friends! A great way to start 2017, and also 2017, promise myself to be better not only academically but also emotionally. 


Success is the sum of small efforts, 
repeated day in day out.

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