July 09, 2017


i would say, it was superb amazing and i realised how much i love each of you.

thank you for the memories made, sweet or bitter, it will all be treasured in my heart. i really did not expect the trip to be filled with so much laughter, but it turns out super duper amazing.  of course, i obviously did not expect all the unfortunate incidents that happened in this short period of 3 days 2 nights. one of the friends had muscle cramp (or tense?) after being thrown out of the banana boat, one of the friends had a really bad stomach ache and it turned out to be something even more serious after the check up. the outburst of anger and sincere confession after drinking too much alcohol was terrifying. sitting in a car that has an average speed of 100km/h on the curvy road definitely feels like a roller coaster ride instead. thinking about it, it was my first trip without adults but only friends.

the first day was basically a trip to the cenang beach! the beach was more mesmerising than what i had expected. i thought beaches at malaysia is pretty bad before the trip but i totally changed my opinion of it after visiting cenang. being unable to swim, i choose not to enter the deep ocean, but i did enjoy the waves by letting it splash on my legs. it had been so long since i visited a beach and it was definitely enjoyable. i love the sunshine, i love watching blue sky and blue ocean. most importantly, it was really nice to spend time with friends at a beach.

cenang beach

the second day was definitely the best day, we went to langkawi cable car, kilim geoforest park and also fun fair! the scenery when we were on the cable car was truly beautiful. honestly, i never know that malaysia have such a nice place, which makes me go "wow" when i look at it. it was so breath-taking, i highly recommend everyone to visit and feel the beauty of nature with your own heart and soul. langkawi cable car also includes, sky bridge, skytrex, skydome and 3d art museum which is worth to visit once.

visiting kilim geoforest park was a spontaneous decision after we ended our trip in the cable car place, and of course, no regrets. we went for a 2 hours boat ride which includes bat cave, crocodile cave, eagle watching, interacting with fishes (lol idk man). the boat ride was really more interesting than i expected, knowing that i couldn't swim i was wishing for at least a life jacket. well, i can still flood if i fall into the water. but they did not ask us to wear one but i somehow feel safe beside my so called brother.

that night, we went back home at maybe 12+? i couldn't really remember the exact time but it was quite late. my so called brother said i can lean on his shoulder if i am tired in the car. i am not surprised that my heart actually fluttered since no one ever tell me all these. he is such a lovely and caring guy that probably every girl would fall for. knowing that he has a girlfriend, of course, i quickly let the feeling to slip away and no i did not lean on his shoulder because i really don't want to be the bitch (omg).

we left in the afternoon the next day, and the trip ended. i would say it was a memorable one but too many bad things happened. it is a bit way too dramatic to be written here so im not going to do that.

may the friendship continues until the day our hairs turn white.