August 11, 2017

hard work, paid off.

stacks of notes, stacks of books and stacks of past year papers. 

a level, of course i wouldn't say its the most difficult pre-university program as i did not experience the struggle of other programmes. however, it is obviously not easy, like it is really NOT. been through so many sleepless night worrying about exams or even small tests. surrounding myself with tons of past year papers from 2002 to 2016, forcing myself to finish at least 80% of the topical past year papers and complete by year past year papers from 2010 to 2016 in just 5 months. the A2 syllabus has become much more complex and detailed compared to AS level, everything we learnt were mostly new which made my life harder. but honestly, i truly enjoyed our syllabus especially biology, except the fact that i need to crack my head memorising those difficult terms, facts and detailed cycles.

i remember the expressions we said the most throughout our a level journey were

"is it too late to drop a level?"
"why did i join a level?"
"i am so stupid"
"lets just work in alam flora if we failed a level"
"cherrrr, how to do?"
"aHHHHHHHH, i wanna die"

yeap, that's basically our daily conversations. 

its a difficult yet beautiful journey. 
it is painful yet at the end of the journey, everyone did not regret.

we are not afraid of facing our results but we are afraid of facing disappointment. i believe everyone strive our best, did our best, went through so many late night studies, went through countless mental breakdowns or even feel like giving up at some point. knowing that i tried my best for a level, what if the results i get in the end is still a disappointment just like my mocks exam. 

fortunately, everything went well.

i was extremely worried about biology as i desire to do biological sciences for my bachelor's degree but A2 biology paper 4 was so bad, i still remember i was near to tearing up during the paper. unexpected questions, high order thinking questions, everything comes at once. i was not confident at all, but thankfully, i managed to hit the A* with 93 marks. i mean, whats make once more happy than achieving the unexpected. chemistry — being the most disliked subject that i did not want to enrol in from the beginning, i tried my best to understand in concepts and apply. chemistry is still kinda like a meh subject to me, but still i have to do my best if i am doing it. 91, A* for chemistry, it is something that i have NEVER EVER thought of since i was always sleepy in chemistry lessons, always not paying attention. i wouldn't say i am not happy with my maths, 85 with an A, but sort of disappointed and feel sorry to my maths lecturer. 

ah, and this is the first straight As in my life. i finally broke the curse of getting a B in all my important exams. (i am honestly so happy about it, not trying to boost or whatsoever so i am just really really happy for myself) 

✈            to more adventures.

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